child avoid gum disease

Gum disease, known also as periodontal disease, is far more common in American kids than you may think. Year after year, new studies begin to link the effect gum disease can have on your heart, and today, Dr. Paul Styrt and our staff thought we’d help spread the word! One of the simplest steps to achieving healthier gums can be your diet. We recently found a great article from EatingWell, outlining several options for healthier gums. Included among the suggestions were:


*Green Tea

*Whole Grains (barley, brown rice; buckwheat; oatmeal, popcorn, whole-wheat bread, pasta or crackers)

In addition to these foods being gum-friendly, they happen to be healthy foods in general, and a great option to begin integrating into your child’s diet this fall.

We encourage you to read the rest of the article! Have a great rest of the weekend!