5 Reasons to visit our office for a consultation this summer

With the country still mired in a recession, many parents in San Diego are putting off visiting the orthodontist for a consultation. Dr. Styrt and our team hear all the reasons – vacations, chores, emergencies, et cetera. Today, Dr. Styrt and our staff thought we’d give our prospective patients five reasons to visit our office this summer for an orthodontic consultation.

1. Summer is a great time to schedule the longer appointments often times needed to begin Orthodontic treatment. That way, patients will need to miss class a very limited number of times throughout treatment, if at all.

2. A break from school is also a great time to allow yourself to get used to new braces and appliances. That way, you can be ready to show off your new smile accessories on the very first day back without any awkwardness or discomfort.

3. Summer is a great time to join our exciting new patient programs and to experience our fun patient appreciation programs!

4. These next few months are an ideal time to take advantage of our treatment fees, which have been kept at the 2008 rate, but only until next year!

5. The second half of the calendar year is the ideal time to take advantage of any Flexible Spending or Health Savings funds you may have for the current year. In addition, scheduling an Orthodontic evaluation during the summer will give you enough time to plan ahead for any treatment needs for next year, and to plan for open enrollment in October/November for any such plans for next year.

And here’s another reason to visit us: did you know the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive an orthodontic consultation as early as age seven? Give us a call at 858-458-1088 to schedule a consultation!