National Young Reader’s

This week marks National Young Reader’s Week, and during this time, Dr. Paul Styrt will tell you it’s more important than ever to remind your child to read on a regular basis. After all, reading helps kids develop the mind, expands a child’s knowledge base, activates his or her flow of ideas and boosts their confidence. Plus, reading is fun!

Tell us: is your child reading a book this fall? If so, what’s on his or her reading list?

If you’re out of ideas for great fall reads, we encourage you to ask Dr. Styrt or our staff for suggestions, and our staff will provide a few great titles. You may also ask a local librarian here in San Diego for some suggestions or check out various fall books for kids and teens that we found this week, courtesy of Barnes & Noble.

Lastly, Dr. Styrt and our entire staff would like to say THANK YOU to our veterans, and those currently fighting for our country at home and abroad! Happy Veteran’s Day!