child prepare for kindergarten

With the hot and sultry Dog Days of Summer slowly coming to an end soon, it’s time for you and your child to start thinking about school. August is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month for the two million kids who will be entering kindergarten come September.

Dr. Paul Styrt and our staff suggest getting involved in storytime by reading your child books about kindergarten, such as The Night Before Kindergarten or First Day Jitters.

Parenting Magazine also suggests that moms and dads take their child for a walk by their or perhaps taking him or her inside for a quick tour to get them familiarized with the concept of kindergarten. Take a walk around the classroom or peek in the windows and talk about what will be going on once school starts. Also, think about adjusting your child’s sleep schedule gradually to the school’s schedule.

At home, make learning fun for your child by teach him or her the names of colors, or shapes and taking them on interesting trips around San Diego and surrounding areas—to the library or grocery store, or to a museum or the beach—and talk with him or her about what they see and think.

Finally, make sure your little one visits Dr. Paul J. Styrt, Specialists in Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry before the first day of school. No one wants for your child to have to leave school because of a toothache! Please give us a call at (858) 458-1088 to schedule an appointment!

We hope both you and your child have a happy and stress-free rest of August!