Introducing iTero™ Technology with Dr. Styrt!

Here at the office of Dr. Styrt, we are always looking for new ways to improve our patients’ experiences by investing in the latest technologies. That’s why we are very excited about our new digital scanner, a Cadent iTero™.

The iTero™ scanner replaces the need for the traditional impression process with computerized 3-D digital scanning. Our patients will enjoy the iTero™ system because there is no need for taking traditional impressions which may cause gagging in some patients. Instead with the digital scanning system, this precise 3D image ensures the highest quality replication of the mouth for better treatment planning and best appliance fit. Because impressions are digital and can be submitted directly to the labs or to Invisalign, it shortens the time patients must wait to begin the process of creating that beautiful smile.

Our team has been training on the new machine, and so far we’re having great success using it. Keep an eye open for it at your next visit!

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