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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

“I have been very impressed with the entire office. You do a super job of making us feel you care. Thank you. We love to refer your office to our friends and family.”
Melissa N., mother of a patient age 10 years

“We are very pleased and just love to refer your office to other people. Your staff is very polite and nice. There are a lot of fun contests and games for the children to enjoy. Everyone at my daughter’s school always says what a beautiful smile she has. Thank you.”
Purnama H., mother of a patient age 11 years

“My children and I just love coming in for appointments. It is truly a great office. Thank you.”
Erin S., mother of two patients ages six and two years

“Your office is changing the way my family feels about going to the dentist. Thank you.”
Nancy B., patient and mother of two patients ages 8 and 10 years

“You have the nicest staff of any dental office I have ever been to!! It is a very relaxing setting and it is fun to come and see the new seasonal decorations.”
Kendra B., patient

“I feel so comfortable having my teeth cleaned at your office. You are always so gentle. Thank you.”
Dalia, age eight years

“I am so glad to be able to have my teeth cleaned and fixed here. Thank you.”
Katherine, age 12 years

“Just a note to say it’s always a pleasure to come to your office! The cheerful staff, lovely décor and the feeling of comfort matters! Also, Dr. Styrt is great!”
Gail S., patient

“They always help you. They never give up helping you.”
Savannah, age 12 years

“I love your office staff! They help me so much when I have a problem. Keep up the good work. You’re my favorite dentist!”
Georgina, age nine years

“Thank you for fixing my teeth. They look beautiful! My mom, dad and sister all agree! Thank you.”
Samantha, age 10 years

“My braces only feel great when they are worked on here.”
Brandon, age 11 years

“Dr. Styrt is very cool!”
Benjamin, age seven years

“Dr. Styrt and his team are always so nice and caring. They always make sure that you are not in any pain. They are so sweet and nice with my baby sister too!”
Madalyn, age 10 years

“I actually enjoy coming to Dr. Styrt’s office! The staff is always happy and the contests make it fun!”
Maggie, age 12 years

“I have such clean teeth thanks to you. You are such a great dentist and very gentle!”
Matt, age nine years

“Dr. Styrt, I am so glad to be referring my stepson to your practice after the marvelous job you did on my first two children some 15 years ago! Happy to see some of your same team as well!”
Debbie, mother of three patients

“Karen and I are amazed each time we come here at the genuine warmth and sense of humor of each member of your team!  Bravo!“
Lois P. & Karen L., patients

“Today was my first time here and I am very pleased with everything here.  Dr. Job was very nice and gentle with my son and all of the staff were patient and helpful.  Thanks!“
Diane H., mother of a patient age five

“I was so happy with the great customer service we were given by all of the team members.  I love how clean and beautiful this office is.  Thank you for a great experience!“
Maritza C., mother of two patients ages six and nine

“Upon entering into Dr. Styrt’s office the staff members were very friendly and we had wonderful customer service.  I had a wonderful visit!  Thanks.“
Glenda Y., mother of a patient age four

“My kids love coming here.  Everyone is so kind and friendly.  The tokens and video games help too!“
Julynn H., mother of two patients ages six and 10

“I think it’s great here!  You guys have a lot of cool things we can do like collect tokens.  I don’t  think anyone else does that.  You are fantastic!“
Miranda, age eight

I love going to Dr. Styrt’s office. I drive two hours to get there and I LOVE that they have the best coffee and cream and lemon water, and tooth brushes so I don’t have to worry about packing that. There is an amazing salt water aquarium and prizes for the kids, the staff is friendly and amazing and even the receptionist talks on an elegant phone piece….ITS AMAZING! I also love the new Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Chawla. He and his assistant managed to seal all of my daughter’s teeth and she is only 3 years old. She left so happy and they gave her a prize and a token for more toys! The only bad thing is they don’t have a general dentist for the moms and dads. Keep up the good work.
Joelle F., mother of a pediatric dental patient

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