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meeting special needs

Meeting Special Needs

When it comes to serving our Special Needs patients we are fully on board. Our Pediatric Children’s Specialists have extensive experience in treating these special children. From the initial phone call to the blanketed trip to the car we cater like no other.

Below are just a few of the ways we have developed a reputation for Special Kids Dentistry:

As a Parent you should know…

We make your child feel special at every visit with a kid-friendly movie and lots of attention

Bedside manners are warm and caring

Our Specialists are Doctors who are familiar with all medications and their interactions with the treatment

In addition to our Dentists, we utilize fully licensed, medical Anesthesiologists. Our Doctors are with your child every moment of the appointment monitoring their vital signs.

We offer a homey environment with coffee, tea, spa water and current magazines as well as free wi-fi

We can do many Dental and Orthodontic procedures under sedation such as:

o   X-rays
o   Fillings
o   Baby root canals
o   Cleanings
o   Extractions
o   Braces

Some questions you may have…

How experienced is the Anesthesiologist? Our fully licensed medical doctors have over 45 years collective experience.

What types of anesthesia are available? We offer oral and intravenous (iv) sedation. You and the Pediatric Specialist will determine what is best for your child.

Can my child have food and water before the appointment? It is very important that your child not eat or drink anything at least 8 hours before treatment and anesthesia.

How important is the medical history? All medical history is vital, even the most minute detail is considered.

Can I be in the room with my child? Because of the equipment and the tight space and in order to keep the focus on your child we ask that you wait in the lobby. We do ask that you stay close by as we will bring you reports throughout the treatment time.

How long does the appointment take? Once you arrive you will be greeted and shown to a private office. The anesthesiologist will come in and visit with you and your child. Once the patient has received a small injection and is relaxed we will place your child in the patient room. It can take up to 15 minutes to get your child settled and the iv started. The amount of time for the treatment plan to take place will have been discussed prior to your visit. Once the dental work is completed your child will be gently awakened. Once your child is nearing the ‘awake’ time, you will be brought to the back to be the first thing your child sees. We allow plenty of time for the patient to wake up and then will assist you to your car.

Will there be a Dental Assistant in the room? Yes, an experience, Registered Dental Assistant will be assisting the Pediatric Specialist. The RDA has years of experience with all ages of children. Her job is to ensure a sterile environment, sterile supplies and monitor hemostasis.

Will my insurance cover the appointment? Each case is different. Because we are not medical providers it would be best for you to contact your insurance company to answer any medical benefit questions. As a courtesy we will verify your dental benefits to provide you with an estimate of dental services. We encourage our patients contact their carriers prior to their visit if they should have any further questions.

Can I pay with a credit card? Yes. We accept all forms of payment. The required payment for the Anesthesiologist is due at the end of the  appointment time.   If you have insurance,  you will pay your estimated co-payment at the time of  your visit.

How do I schedule? Simply call our office and speak with our scheduling specialist, Michelle. She will take care of scheduling the Pediatric Dentist, the Anesthesiologist and arrange for necessary medical records and x-rays. Michelle will also get the paperwork to you early to ensure timely scheduling.

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